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Word counter is here to stay:

The era of word counts has arrived, and it doesn't matter if you're a seasoned author or just another Internet rambler.

Whether you know it or not, you've been working with text counts, whether they're in social media character limits or long document requirements in corporate settings.

Once upon a time, we were limited to 140 characters on Twitter; however, that number has since been raised to 280.
Posts longer than 63,206 characters aren't allowed on Facebook, and neither are comments longer than 8,000 characters.
What about the 30 hashtag limit on Instagram? Even if you use all 2,200 characters allowed in your Instagram captions, the first 125 will be truncated.
We've even heard that in order for your blog post to rank on Google's first page, it must contain at least 1800 words.
See? We have arrived at the end of the era of character limits!

So that you don't have to unintentionally reduce or increase your word count back and forth to meet certain requirements, you must always stay on point and ensure that your content stays within the limits of these relevant platforms.

You'll need a text counter tool to help you with that task.

Using a word calculator, on the other hand, accomplishes more than just counting the characters in your social media posts.

What's the point of using a word counter?

To begin, if you're unsure as to why you should use an online Word Counter Tool, you should try manually counting the characters in your content. In fact, before you get to line number 5, you'll be frustrated by how difficult the exercise has been.

Who wants to waste time counting a long document cryingwhen a tool like ours is readily available to assist you.

Count Number of Words with Tools  Bliss'  word counter.  It's a quick word count calculator that gives you results instantly.

Text checker as a whole

This tool helps you find and calculate the characters in your written content, and it's free to use.

In order to get precise results, the software was designed to tell you how long or short a piece of content is.

It's not just a way to see how many words and characters are in your content, though. In the "HOW TO COUNT MY WORDS BY SMALL SEO TOOLS IS DIFFERENT" section below, you'll learn that it's a sophisticated textual content analyzer.

Our tool is trusted by professionals and students alike, whether they're in the content creation business or just using social media to learn more about it.

How does it work exactly?

The interface of our free Word Checker tool is extremely straightforward and user-friendly. It's highly sophisticated, but it's also incredibly user-friendly.

In fact, all you have to do is paste your text into the text box provided after clicking this link, and the tool will automatically run a scan and display the results right away.

Depending on how you access word finder, you can also upload content directly from your hard drive or mobile device. You can also upload files from your computer's hard drive or from services like Google Drive and Dropbox.

We are sensitive to the privacy concerns you may have.

Other online Letter Counter Tools commonly store a copy of your content on their servers after you use them, but we don't.

When you use our tool, or any of our other SEO and content tools, none of your content is saved or viewed by us.

We make certain that only you have access to your content. Use our other Free Tools like Reverse Image Search and Keyword Position Checker too if you'd like.

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