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About Website Screenshot Generator

Free website screen shot generator


Where do you require the use of a screenshot generator?

there can be many use cases for this :

1 taking the last screenshot google took for your website.

2. Sending the image to the hosting provider if you face any issues.

3. You can use it in the development phase to keep records.

4. share screenshots with the site developer online and exchange ideas.

There can be many more depending on your business use case.

Using a screen capture generator on a website

The website screen generator is really easy to use. By typing tools name into the search bar , you can get to it. You may also go straight to the programme by typing into your search browser's address bar.

Bar enters the website's URL in the display; remember to type the URL, not simply the domain name. For instance, type http://www (Name of my website). (the extension) and hit the 'Submit' button. The website's screen capture will be returned by the application. You may save it to your PC by downloading it.

Using this helpful and free application to snap screen photos of websites is as easy as that. So feel free to make use of it whenever you wish.

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