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About Plagiarism Checker

It's the last thing you want to find when you publish a new blog post: unoriginal content, written by other people. Making sure your content is original and 100% free of plagiarism is critically important.

Here at tools bliss, we provide free SEO tools for digital marketers and web developers. We created this plagiarism checker tool as another way to help everyone keep their content as original as possible.


Importance of Plagiarism Checker:

Content is king! This phrase has been used for centuries to describe the importance of uniqueness and value in written communication. While content is still king, plagiarism is certainly a fatal sin for any writer. Plagiarism has been around since the advent of written communications, with the first recorded case being Aristophanes.

However, with the advent of internet and search engines, plagiarism has become more prevalent, making it easier to spot plagiarized content. Sadly, many writers still try to get away with it, thinking they won't get caught or that most people won't notice. Most people will ignore or miss them all together.

In today's digital age, with online plagiarism checkers available at an always growing number of free websites, plagiarism has become easier to spot and riskier to commit. Plagiarism checking is essential for those who want their work to be graded fairly and for businesses that want their content to pass copyscape tests.That is the reason we came into the picture to provide you a free tool to check. We don't save your work to protect your privacy.

Go to the Plagiarism Checker page to learn more about the tool and also learn how to use it.

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