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About Page Authority Checker

Page Authority checker

What is the meaning of page authority?

Page-level authority is the digital equivalent of foot traffic on a retail street. Google measures the digital foot-traffic by counting the number of backlinks from other websites to that page. When it comes to SEO, the more links, the higher you rank in Google search results.

About page authority checker 

Are you unsure what a page authority checker is? It's a programme that calculates the most important website ranking and rating factors for a single page, or in other words, a single URL on your website.

What is a high page authority score?

The score uses data from Google's three main signals: links, keywords and page content. When you type a keyword into Google, the search engine relies primarily on PageRank (links) and secondarily on content features (keywords and text) to determine which websites to show in the search results.

Domain Authority vs. Page Authority

So what is Domain Authority vs. Page Authority? While page authority measures the visibility and ranking strength of a single page, domain authority measures the visibility and ranking strength of the entire website.

Are you looking for a technique to boost your Page Authority?

Improve page authority by performing the following steps:

1. Create a high-quality page for your business (or product, or service), which is aligned with the theme of your site.

2. Create an enticing and detailed description of your business (or product, or service).

3. Make sure your page content is relevant, thorough, and free of plagiarism.

4. Extensively research your web's target keyword (keywords related to your business (or product, or service)), and include it in your page's title and first sentence. Optimise the rest of the page's content with the same keyword.

5. Get quality and relevant backlinks .

6. Make sure that links are not broken

7. Use our Page authority checker on time to time basis to measure it. 

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