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About Htaccess Redirect Generator

This simple application, Htaccess Redirect Generator, makes it simple to construct SEO-friendly.htaccess redirects. Select the type of redirect and enter your domain.


A .htaccess file is a configuration file that can be set on web servers running the Apache software. This file can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  1. Changing the Apache Web Server's settings Allowing or denying access to files or directories on your site Generating dynamic content and running scripts.
  2. Forcing users to authenticate via username and password before gaining access to certain files on your website.
  3. Enforcing server-side redirects Generating custom error messages when errors occur on your website, such as 404 errors .

.htaccess file can be placed in any directory on your website, although it is commonly placed in the root directory. The syntax used in an .htaccess file is very similar to that of a normal HTML page, with some slight variations.

Error correction

When it comes to handling mistakes, the.htaccess file comes in handy. When visitors discover an error message on a website, such as a 401, 404, or 500, they become angry. In this example, the.htaccess file can be used to show a nice message to visitors if they are having trouble accessing your website.


Redirects allow a website's webmaster to move users from one page to another inside the site. A visitor can also be redirected to another website. When webmasters don't want users to see particular pages on their site, this is a highly useful feature.

Password security

This is most likely the most critical feature that a webmaster should include. They don't want anyone who isn't allowed to come to the site and use it. To access your email account, for example, you'll need a valid user id and password. When a person has password protection, he or she feels more comfortable giving information on that website. Even the most popular social media platforms require a password. You'll need to put some instructions in your.htaccess file to password protect your website.

Visitors are not permitted.

The.htaccess file can be used to include this function into your website once more. Some websites don't allow users from specific IP addresses to view their pages. This feature is highly beneficial for keeping undesirable guests out. The webmaster can decide which IP addresses are allowed to view the site and which IP addresses should be blocked. Most webmasters only allow visitors from a certain range of IP numbers, and so automatically ban visitors from any other IP address. This feature is used by businesses and government bodies to restrict undesirable visitors.

If you notice a lot of visitors from an unfamiliar site, you can ban it if you suspect they're pinching your CSS files. Referrers can also be denied access.

.HTACCESS redirects generator

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