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With more than 200 million pages indexed on Google, it is highly likely that your website has already been crawled by Googlebot. However, there are several factors that determine whether your site will be displayed in the search results or not. The main one being your backlinks.

To help you make sense of it all, we've created a free online tool called the ‘Google Index Checker’ which can instantly check how many of your web pages have been indexed by Google. This tool works for both sites hosted on WordPress and sites hosted on other platforms too!

What is the best way to use Google's index checker?

Indexing is nothing but the process of fetching and storing information from the internet on Google's search engine. It's a necessary step and it takes a considerable amount of time to go through all web pages and index them.

If you're creating a lot of content (text and/or images) for your website, you may want to use this tool to see how much of your content has actually been indexed by Google. The Google index checker will give a good indication of how many pages on your site Google has indexed, showing the number of pages indexed. 

You need to provide URL and click on submit button to check it.

What does it signify when Google indexes websites?

it is critical for a website owner to ensure that any concerns on their sites have been resolved and are ready for search engine optimization. Don't fret if your website hasn't been indexed yet; Google is constantly examining and indexing webpages.

You should concentrate on improving your website's content and generating traffic because as traffic grows, your website gets significance and authority, causing Google to notice it and begin ranking it.

Simply keep checking the Google Indexing status with our Google index checker tool and working on improving your website's performance. Gaining more organic traffic might take time, especially for newly started websites.

Improving your links can also assist you; however, you must only employ legitimate links. Once Google has crawled your website, you must work diligently to keep it up to date.

This may be accomplished by regularly updating your website to keep it current, as well as ensuring that it retains its relevance and authority so that it can attain a high page ranking.

How can you get Google to index your website quickly?

If the results suggest that there are a large number of pages that Google has not yet indexed, the easiest way to have your web pages indexed quickly is to create a sitemap for your website. Go to our Sitemap generator to use our sitemap generator tool to make producing your sitemap for your site easy.

You must submit the sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools after it has been created and installed in order for it to be indexed. Share your post on social media,linked in , quora etc also make relevant content to your topics.

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