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In addition to bookmarking our favourite websites in our search browsers, we also use domain names to find them. If something goes wrong with our machine, we might as well write and store the backups. However, why is it necessary to know the IP address of a domain? If we want to learn more about the domain, we'll need this data. What does an Internet Protocol (IP) address mean? Before we can discuss what an IP address for a domain is, we need to know the answer to this question.

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What is IP Address ?

All of the websites on the internet are listed in a database. An IP address is used to differentiate between different domains. IP addresses are assigned to domains in a random manner. All machines connected to the internet have an IP (Internet Protocol) address that identifies them. An IP address identifies you whenever you access the internet on a computer or mobile device. Operating and managing the internet would be nearly impossible without a unified addressing system. Picture yourself living in a neighbourhood without house numbers, street names, or even street numbers. It's not possible to find out where someone lives without their permission.

There are four digits in an IP address. One to three numbers are contained in each. Each group of numbers is separated by a single dot '.' The four numbers can be any value between 0 and 255. An example of an IP address is This seemingly innocuous string of numbers serves as the user's gateway to other websites, allowing them to send and receive data. Our arrival at the correct website is ensured thanks to this string of numbers.

IPV4 addresses, which were first assigned in 1983 and are still in use today, are rapidly running out of space. IPV6 was launched to address future domains, and both versions are now in use.

Different types of IP addresses: Static and dynamic

Static and dynamic IP addresses are the two types of addresses that can be assigned. An address that has a static value never changes. Providers of web hosting services purchase a set of dynamic addresses and put them to use. It means that if a user with a dynamic address leaves the internet, the address will be given to another user who will continue to use it.

Static IP addresses provide information about where a computer is located, including continent, country, and city. However, it's possible that the IP address isn't giving you the full picture of the domain. Static IP addresses on US-based web hosting providers are common in South Asia, which is why this is important. When an IP lookup is performed on the IP address, the results will show this information. Static IP addresses are preferred by large organisations, and they are also used by some government agencies.

IP addresses that change on demand are known as dynamic IP addresses. When a user connects to the internet, an IP address is automatically assigned from a pool of addresses maintained by the internet service provider. The use of a dynamic IP address is less expensive and more secure than the use of a static one. Static IP addresses are easier to hack because a domain's address never changes. If a hacker attempts to compromise a dynamic IP address, he or she may discover that the IP address belongs to a different domain.

While you can carry your laptop around with you, you cannot do the same with your IP address. As soon as you enter a café that offers free Wi-Fi, you will be using the café's assigned IP address to check your email and do other internet-related tasks.

How can I convert a domain to an IP address?

There are numerous methods for discovering your IP address or the IP address of a website. To find an IP address, use the 'tracer' or 'ping' commands. However, simply knowing a website's IP address will not provide you with any additional information.

Use your search browser to access's 'Domain to IP' icon or in your address bar to learn more about a domain's IP address. You'll see a domain to IP converter. Simply type in the domain name you'd like the IP address for, and then click 'Submit.' The app will show the domain name, IP address, country, and Internet service provider (ISP).

You can also see where your computer's IP address is located, as well as who hosts the domain you searched for by looking at the web host's name.

When you know this information, you'll be able to figure out who's hosting your domain. You may have chosen a web hosting company based in your city or country when making your purchase. When a web hosting company sells web hosting services, it may be a reseller. If your company is based in Singapore, but your website is hosted in Australia, that means you could be an Australian company.

United States-based web hosting companies account for the vast majority of the industry's total market share. This is due to the fact that they can offer low-cost hosting services while still maintaining a world-class service. Aside from that, their setups are enormous and extremely well-managed.

In the end

Being aware of a domain's internet service provider is a priceless advantage when conducting online business. You'll learn not only the domain's exact IP address but also the country in which it is hosted. To see if your site is getting more traffic than a competitor's. The fact that they are using a great web hosting service provider is another plus; you can learn this by performing a domain to IP lookup with the help of ToolsBliss. It is at this point that you can decide whether or not to continue with your current web hosting company or find a new one.

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