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About Domain Age Checker - Get Domain Age & Creation Date

How well do you understand your industry?

What you "do" and "know" in online business are directly related.
Due to the fact that you will put into practice what you have learned. And your outcomes will be determined by the methods you employ.
Being aware of even the smallest details can give you an advantage over your competitors.
Certain knowledge is required for this, such as how to best win customers for your company. However, even the tiniest of details, such as the age of your URL's domain, are included.
And for this reason, we've created the Domain Age Checker, a free but high-quality tool.

What is the age of a domain?

Domain Age, simply put, is the length of time a domain name has been registered. Ifor example,a domain name registered in 2008 will be 12 years old by 2020.

Domain age checker@Tools Bliss :

This tool, Domain Age Checker, was specifically designed to see how old a domain name is on the Internet. Most domain age checkers simply display the domain's age in years. Tools Bliss' Domain Age Checker,will give more details .

No matter how old or new a domain name may be, we can tell you exactly when and on which day it was created using our domain history tool.

So the following information will be provided when you search for the domain

  • Domain Age Domain
  • Created Date
  • Domain Updated Date
  • Domain Expiry Date

how to check the age of a domain?

So simple to use, you'll think you're having a good time with it!

In order to find domain age, follow these steps:

Step 1: To begin using the tool, navigate to this page:

step 2 :Click on "Check Domain Age" after entering your domain name(s) to begin the request.

Our well-built engine will return the result in about a second, and it will look something like this:

  1. Domain Age 
  2. Domain Created Date 
  3. Domain Updated Date 
  4. Domain Expiry Date

Step 3:Click on "Try New domain" to know more about other domain.

Why is it necessary to look at the age of a domain name?

To know domain age ,You may want to start by going through the following: The age of an existing domain name that you're interested in purchasing how old the domain names of your rivals are Finding out how long your competitors' domain names have been in existence tells you one thing about your competition: how long they've been in business.

A search engine ranking analysis provides you with some useful information about the domain. As previously mentioned, a well-established domain name (with a strong backlink profile) has a good chance of ranking well in search results.

Indeed, the majority of SEOs believe that Google's ranking factors include the age of the domain. Search engine optimization (SEO) time, money, and effort are all saved when a domain has a high ranking. In addition, looking at how long the name has been in use can give you an idea of how well it is performing in search engine results.

Because you'll know roughly how much traffic there will be, Purchasing a brand new domain name necessitates starting over in order to establish a solid online presence.

The only exception to this rule is when a long-standing domain name has earned a solid reputation in its market segment. Because the name has been around for a while and is well-known, users have already developed some trust in it.

See how old the domain is by looking at its age in years. Checking a domain name's age will tell you how long it has been around.

If the domain name has a bad reputation, you'll know how long it's been around. It's possible the previous owner used black hat SEO techniques to try and gain an advantage in the search engines. Having a bad reputation among users is another issue with some existing domain names. It's possible that some users have flagged or blocked this website as spam or malware. Do some research on its history by looking up the name of the domain's registrar.

So what you are waiting for?

Start checking right away, if you haven't already!

You can use all of the domain-related data that our tool provides to help you buy a used domain name.

You shouldn't, however, rely solely on this tool when making a decision. There are a number of tools available to help you do this research thoroughly.

Backlink Checker, Backlink Maker , Whois Checker, Domain Authority Checker, and Blacklist Lookup are a few examples. All of these resources can be extremely beneficial in assisting you in making an informed decision about purchasing an existing domain name.